About Us

Who we are!

Roger-Federer-1.com is a website dedicated to Roger Federer. The greatest tennis player to ever live!
Roger-Federer-1.com is part of a growing family of websites which provide visitors with useful and up to date information on topics such as sports, education, entertainment, how to put more fun in your life through travel, etc.

We are a team of dedicated people who love Tennis, the Internet, and its technologies.
We are passionate about a few topics; such as Tennis, which we have been following since the early 70's, and wanted to share our knowledge and research with our visitors.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of domain names has grown to over 400 including over 75 live websites as of 2012.
Our domain names are distributed through many different categories including automotive, business brokerage, food & wine, internet, sports and travel…
We also own niche domains such as Acura NSX, alpacas, Beech Mountain and top athletes, such as this one!

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